About Us

Reverse Brain Age – Who Is Behind This?

At Reverse Brain Age, I will be sharing with you the research I have done for myself.

My mission is to provide valuable insights and resources to help myself enhance or at best maintain my existing brain function.

With keen awareness of the cloud of brain degeneration hanging over even the best of us, I know that prevention begins 20 years before any onset.

I also know that this information that I am putting together will be even more helpful in the years to come.

What Sets This Website Apart?

Because I am seeking answers to save myself and my brain, the content you read is motivated by a deep desire to find the correct information.

My Background & Interests

My own background is in Biomedicine and Traditional Medicine. We will not base our answer here on what WebMD or more mainstream sites are saying. The focus is on finding possibles YESes despite the nos that burden the plague of dementia.

I have a team of researchers who help me explore the important questions, and we sift through the noise to bring you well-researched and balanced  conclusions that will help you navigate this difficult maze of brain science.

Warmest Regards,

Your Brain, Your Life

Dr. Mark Chern

Reverse Brain Age